Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Close to Shore

1. This is the lat blog i will probably be ever doing so just to let you all know it's been fun.
2. I'm very sad that i will not be able to guide you all the way through this story but i will give u some of my predictions of what might happen in it.
3. I believe there will be about 4-5 more attacks on people.
4. That they will eventually kill the shark.
5. And finally that those beaches are going to be empty for years to come.
1. How did they kill the shark?
2. Who killed it?
3. When did they kill it?
4. How many people died in total?
1. Man-eater. A type of animal or thing that eats man.
2. Murky. Some what cloudy or unclear.
3. bloody. Covered with extreme amounts of blood.
Literature Terms
1. direct characterization. The shark is described as a big lad with skin like sand paper.
2. Resolution. Even though i didn't get to the ending i got to the end of my posts so that's my blogs resolution.
Final thought
If you liked Jaws read this book.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Close to Shore

1. It is just the beginning of summer when the vasuets arrive on the New Jersey Shore line.
2. The Doctor's son is on the shore playing with a dog when he decides to go into the water and the dog comes with him.
3. Researchers say that you are much more likely to get attacked by sharks if you go into the water with a dog. A young great white was near the cost when charlies the doctor's son got into the water.
4. A crowd was watching Charlie race the dog in the water when for no reason at all the dog turned back the crowd assumed that the dog just tired out so charlie decided to return himself.
5. As he was swimming in the crowd saw a large fin appear out of the water and start approaching him fast the crowd then started to yell watch out! to him but he didn't know what was happening until it was to late. he tried to escape it when only in 3 and a half feet water the shark grabbed his leg and took a huge bite it left him bleeding badly someone tried to pull him out when the shark surged fourth and grabbed him again other tried to help and got caught in a tug of war match with the shark. They eventually won out but the injury caused so much bleeding that Charlies
bleed out.
1. How big was the shark?
2. Why do dogs effect attacks so much?
3. Why didn't people do something rather than stand around in shock for half the attack?
4. Were there life guards in this time period?
1. submerged. When something comes out or is on the surface of the water.
2. hoisted. To bring something up to lift something.
3. brutally. To be vicious, relentless.
Literature Terms
1. Rising action. This is hard to believe but this is just the rising action because the climax will be much more bloody.
2. Direct characterization. The shark is described as black about ten feet and 500 pounds by one of the witness's of the attack.
Final comment.
I haven't even reached the middle yet and this book is the best thriller I've ever read.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Close to Shore

1. The shark that atacked in 1916 was 22 feet long.
2. Dr. Vansuat and his family are going to the new jersy shore for the Summer.
3. The Shark attacks of 1916 took place in New Jersy.
4. Before the summer the Great white was taken up the Gulf strem were it was forced to live with little food.
5. Because of this it became a Rouge wich is the equivilant of a Serial killer in our socity.
1. How do they know how long it was?
2. What does the Doctor have to do with anything?
3. How do they know the Shark was a Rogue?
4. Why is philly in such bad condition right now?
1. Predator. A hunter in the animal kingdom it cosumes other animals to live.
2. fear. to be scared of a certain thing or object.
3. hunger. to be extremly hungery.
Literature terms
1. Riseing action. the story is nearing the attacks.
2. Setting. A packed beach during a hot summer.
Final thought
I realy find alll the facts about sharks in the sttory interesting

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Close to Shore

1. The book goes into great detail of a Dr. Vausent and what he was ding before the attacks in his life.
2. He is a well off doctor and has a summer home were the attacks took place.
3. The book also goes into how sharks mate which is described as a sort of violent collision.
4. The Great white shark is said to be very quick when it is young but once it gets older it no longer needs its speed but is still very quick for it's size.
5. The Great white that caused the attacks of 1916 was said to have come up the Gulf Stream.
1. Why is the book talking about all the events before the attacks?
2. Why is the doctor so important?
3. Why do sharks eat other sharks?
4. How big was the shark?
1. Cannibal. Something that's eats its own kind.
2. Doctor. A Worker in the medical field.
3. Jagged. Serrated, very rough.
Literature terms
1. Direct charicterization doctor is described as a short man with dark hair.
2. Protagonist. i am pretty sure that the doctor is the protagonist.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Close to Shore

1. Usually for my comments i descirbe the story and all its details myself but this story is not really a sotry it's more like a collection of first hand accounts and research. So I will instead give the research in my own words.
2. The shark attacks mof 1916 took place outside a beach called the Engleside.
3. At this point the hotel is flourishing with the invention of the horseless carriages, cars,.
4. Sharks are thought to be tales of myth and are consider cowardly by the public.
5. Famous Sportsman have swam with sharks and have not been bitten making it look even more like sharks are harmless.
1. Why weren't accounts of shark attacks kept back then?
2. Why are sharks considered to be myths?
3. When was the hotel founded?
4.what kind of sharks did these Sportsmen swim with?
1. Apex. On top the highest point.
2. Reluctant. Refusing hard to get rid of.
3. Wager. A bet 0or challenge.
Literature terms.
1. Direct characterization. The Great white shark is descibed as a large vicious predator.
2. Setting. A bright fancy hotel on a nice sunny beach.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the ring

1. Gandalf has lead the party to the Mines of Moria because they could not go over the mountain. Altough most of the party protested they decide to go in.
2. Gimli was very eager to go in while on their way through Moria they discovered the tomb of the dwarf Balin who was a dear friend of Bilbo and related to Frodo. Then Frodos sword shined blue meaning that Orcs were near. They all quickly blocked the doors. But there was something else coming tha the orcs eve seemed to be afraid of. Aragon lead the party while Gandalf put a spell on the door to seal it. He later joined them they ran he said that something extremely strong broke his spell. At the Bridge of Kasza-dun They found that the enemy stupidly laid a trap on at the wrong area.
3. just when they thought they were safe a huge creature tried to cross the bride and attack them it was a Belrog. Gandalf confronted it and used his magic to shatter the bridge. The Creature fell but not before using his fire whip to bring Gandalf down with him it is there Gandalf fell to his death. The others ran to the Rivers of Mirkwood.
4. There Elves greeted them and took them into their forest. There Lady Galdreial showed Frodo what would happen of he failed. They then resumed their journey down the river on boats.
5. On their finally y stop before the Falls Frodo wandered off to think when Beromier came to talk to him and asked for the ring Frodo refused and Beromier then tired to take the ring when Frodo slipped it on and became invisible and ran for now he knew he must leave to go this journey alone. He was about to shove off when Sam went after him saying he wasn't going to leave without him Frodo agreed and they set off.
1. Why didn't Gandalf just run with the other sout of the gate?
2. Why did lady Galdreial go evil for a second?
3. What Happened to the Ring Wraiths?
4. What is happening on the front lines well this journey is taking place?
1. Swift. Quick, immediate.
2. Wanderers. Move about place to place with curious attitude
3. Fair. Beautiful, very pretty.
Literature Terms
1. Resolution. This book is over which would have left me sad but i know there is a sequel.
2. Irony. Gandalf The one character that seems invincable is killed.
Final Thought
This book was great I can't wait for the sequel.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship of The Ring

1. Frodo Attende the council of whom cosited Gandalf, Bilbo who Frodo was happy to see, Strider, Golin, Gimli, Legolous, Beromier, Elrond, and some of the high Elves.
2. There Bilbo told the story of how he found the ring, and Gandalf reviled what had happened to him. It turned out when Gandalf went to see sarumon for aid the other wizard reviled he had sided with Saruon and then he tried to hold Gandalf on top of his tower for information about the ring but Gandalf was rescued by one of the great Eagle's.
3.The counsel then Decided they would have to go to Mount doom to Destroy it and Frodo volunteered to take it. They Sent all four Hobbits, Gandalf, Strider, Beromier, Legolous, and Gimli.
4. While on their journey they saw that the path they wanted to take was being watched by Crows who served as spies for the enemies.
5. They then tired to go over a mountain pass but ran into a storm that forced them to go back.
1. Why didn't Sarumon just lock Gandalf up?
2. How did Golum know of the attack?
3. WHy not Just combine their armies and attack Mordor?
4.Shy didn't Gandalf Try to kill Sarumon?
Literature Terms
1. Setting. The setting has once again changed to a Dark countryside.
2. Rising action. The story is almost close to the climax.
Final Comment
This stiory has a huge variety of charchters its great.